Culture – the #1 Factor To Consider When Choosing a BPO Provider

#1 Factor to consider when choosing a BPO provider cxperts

Now that vaccines are becoming available, businesses around the world are going all out to exceed pre-pandemic norms.  Everyone is looking to go beyond recovery and emerge from the past year to be bigger and better than ever.

We’ve also seen this extend to contact centers. Many CX Leaders are aiming for loftier goals – now more than ever. And you know what?  IT MAKES SENSE! It makes sense to aim higher and outperform beyond what’s become (pandemic-era) acceptable as the new (pandemic-era) benchmarks for normal (pandemic-era) experiences.

It makes sense to seek improvements in ALL directions – you want core expansion, a wider geographic reach (up and down the value chain), and the expectation that customer care will get better too.

It makes sense to want a historic economic rebound after taking hit after hit in sales, margins, and even growth. But here is the thing … the challenge just got real.

While the pandemic reinforced a fully digital system, the dramatic developments in the digital landscape will be both strengths and weaknesses to any business seeking to scale.

Dramatic developments

Everyone has the same access to technology as you do, which means finding your competitive advantage just got HARDER.

You’ve streamlined and optimized.

Your directors and managers are now more involved in daily operations.

You’ve done the “feedback” protocol.

Acquired the latest in digital tools.

Walked the talk and make agility part of your workplace lingo…

Yet, this STILL doesn’t cut it. And here’s why…

Your processes and technology aren’t the problem. Your edge may very well be your stellar brand or how long you’ve been a cornerstone in the industry. But what sets you apart, for better or for worse, doesn’t lie here.

It comes from the work culture that you build and live.

Ironically, the term “culture” is overused yet still overlooked.

As it turns out, with whom you partner is as crucial as the work culture they have.  It isn’t just their capabilities you have to factor in. You have to dig deep into the character and personality of their organization.

If you don’t think this is important…think again.


This deserves your attention because the BPO firm you hire becomes an extension of you.

They can make or break your reputation. Impress or dissuade customers. Turn adversaries into loyal advocates or angry campaigners. And don’t just assume your great internal culture automatically transfers to your BPO partner.

We can’t tell you what priority others place on culture, but we can tell you how to gain insight into what employees think about the BPO company they work for.

Here are some tips and tricks to getting insight on your BPO partner and their culture:

Use Glassdoor to gain an unfiltered view from the employee’s perspective.

Over the past several years Glassdoor has become the “go-to” resource to assess the culture and working conditions of businesses, big and small. Glassdoor scores companies based on various criteria but most notably employee experience and company culture. I think we can all agree that a handful of companies stand out in regards to their perceived company culture and their scores prove that. For example, Google comes in at a 4.5 and Apple comes in at a 4.3 rating on Glassdoor. Have you checked the scores on your BPO partner lately?

So, if we all agree that company culture drives employee engagement which drives customer experience, then why wouldn’t you use culture as a key metric in your partner evaluation?

CX Leaders are evaluated based on achieving specific results.  Numbers matter. Outcomes matter. And by focusing efforts on those elements which ultimately drive numbers and outcomes, you can’t help but be successful.

Do your BPO partners look for and hire people who align with their values and place the right people in the right seats? Do they use AI analytics to find people that align to their other top performers? Look for the tools in place to drive this activity. Has your partner invested in assessing and evaluating the right talent, or do they merely check the box?

Choose your allies meticulously from the get-go

Others may take this lightly, but to be candid, a good team is a bulletproof workforce with a heart of gold.  Look for a BPO partner that wants passionate, trainable people who care. While you should put a premium on the right skill set, seek to find people who fit the profile of a “CXpert”. Look to a BPO partner where people stay. Find a partner with employees who genuinely care for all of their stakeholders (customers, employees, and colleagues alike). 

Ask about their recruitment process. Is it automated, is it multifaceted, and is it driven by AI to find only the best candidates– without straying too far from the authentic candidate experience?  The workflow should be seamlessly managed from Level 1-Pre-screening, scheduling, evaluation, submission of requirements, and finally to an employment contract.

Expect the best team to service your needs. A team with the right skills and experience to achieve your metrics, with low attrition rates, and a team that can handle even the toughest of tasks.

In an industry where attrition rates are sky high…

With the understanding that Gen Z comprises a bulk of the current CX workforce, it is important to focus on what is important to them. This demographic values support and appreciation in the workplace. More than the pay, they expect flexibility, transparency, and recognition. 

They want to belong and have this constant yearning to contribute to their local community and be a part of a work community that not only takes care of them but shows passion and caring for the underprivileged and actively demonstrates extraordinary support for the community as a whole.

In Summary

A BPO partner is made up of more than technology and processes and the four walls that surround them. Everyone has access to the same technologies these days, and improvements to those are no longer game changers, they’re merely incremental. The real differentiators are in people management and who can hire the best people, keep them for the long term, and have them be motivated and engaged employees to propel your business.

As we emerge from the pandemic and the economy begins to surge, we’re about to see how quickly people move from unfulfilling employers to somewhere more meaningful. As the CX expectations become even higher for your business, are you partnered with the right firm to get you there?

cxperts has invested heavily in tools that allow us to hire the right agents for the right seats that come on board to find a career, not a job. NIA combines chatbots, AI, and an integrated applicant experience to streamline the process and enhance our ability to find top-notch talent.

Recently, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our efforts have propelled us into the top 10% among BPO companies on Glassdoor.

We’d love for you to reach out and find out why.

This blog was written by John Maczynski, Chief Revenue Officer at cxperts, a Nearsol company.

If you would like to learn about cxperts’ culture and best practices, please contact us.