About Us.

At cxperts, we specialize in omnichannel customer experience (CX) solutions, offering unparalleled CX services for brands across various sizes and industries.

Our comprehensive contact center encompasses every aspect of customer experience and business process outsourcing. We provide a wide range of services including customer care, premium white-glove services, technical support, sales, collections and back-office operations. Our approach ensures that every customer interaction is handled with expertise, efficiency, and utmost attention to detail, supporting your brand’s commitment to excellence.

mission and vision

Recruit a legion of happy cxperts who deliver exceptional customer experience while providing clear opportunities for growth and prosperity for all.


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Our locations.

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Our team.

Led by visionary leaders, our team is dedicated to transforming customer experience (CX) aspirations to tangible success. We are committed to fostering an environment of growth and prosperity, where every member has the opportunity to excel and contribute to our collective achievements. Our leaders inspire innovation and drive excellence ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Executive Team.

Senior Management.

Senior Management

Carolyn Borden
Sr. Director, Global Audit, Training & Quality

Cary Rodriguez 
Global Head of Client Services & Operations

Andres Sanchez 
Senior Director of Operations

Jon Gillibrand
Global IT Director

Charlie Barrera 
Director of Talent Acquisition 

Juan Davila 
Head of Global Information Security

Andres Sanchez is the Director of Global Operations at CXperts, with 19 years of experience in operations management. He drives operational excellence and strategic account development, enhancing team performance and resource optimization. Andres holds an MBA and is fluent in English and Spanish. Beyond work, he is an avid traveler and community volunteer.

Cary is a seasoned call center leader with 24 years of expertise in Client Services and Operations. Known for her analytics-driven approach and relationship-building skills, she excels in enhancing business processes and customer value. Beyond work, Cary enjoys baseball games and caring for her son and pets.

Carlos Barrera, with 23 years in the BPO industry, is celebrated for his recruitment expertise and passion. A respected figure, he is dedicated to advancing organizational goals and nurturing talent. As a father, Carlos embodies these qualities, drawing daily inspiration from his daughter, Valentina.