Customer Experience Developments to Watch Out For in 2024

Pencil on white paper with check box HEARING and LISTENING, concept of choose to listen than just hear, pauy more attention and understand meaning behind the words

So you’ve been paying attention and are currently (and consistently) giving your clients the exceptional customer experience they deserve.  A decade ago, this “leave your customers happy with the entire experience” was so basic and too simple, that people have overlooked it.  But recently this CX issue has been in the spotlight … and not for all the right reasons.

Here’s what to watch out for in 2024.  


Artificial Intelligence is to go through the roof!

The talk these days is all about generative AI, and everyone is either excited about the potential benefits or cringing every time they hear the term.  AI nowadays can get too creepy for comfort. The news has been thrown into disarray by AI-generated material, autonomous cars have been sacked for creating traffic jams, and healthcare AI mistakes have resulted in lawsuits.

Was it just going at a breakneck pace, or was it a complete failure? You must be careful with it, but it has incredible potential, just like any technology. Stay calm and consider incorporating it into a larger customer experience plan.

For 2024 and beyond, the AI trend is expected to soar, but it will depend on your CX providers’ ability to use it on a big scale, prioritizing human effort enhancement rather than replacement. This means that similar to omnichannel development, the use of AI models to manage interactions across many platforms, apps, channels, and industries must be managed. It is not enough to only invest in algorithms and infrastructure. Governance must also be put in place.

As Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School Professor, brilliantly puts it, “Machines are not going to replace humans; Humans with machines are going to replace humans without machines”


Managing the Customers’ Journey should ALWAYS take top priority

It isn’t an exceptional concept to prioritize connections and consumer experiences. Omnichannel technology has begun to make progress towards this long-standing CX aim. However, many businesses become “disoriented” throughout the “journey” no big thanks to technology and processes that don’t jive.

Why then would customer journeys be trendy in 2024?

It’s all about optimizing. And you guessed it! It’s also about Generative artificial intelligence.

There is an overwhelming amount of data generated by omnichannel technologies that link chats, emails, websites, social media, and phone conversations. A more seamless journey approach to customer experience can be achieved via the automation provided by generative AI.


Trends in the Macroeconomy will affect CX expenditures

Inflationary fears would likely surface in 2024. So expect governments and investors to take precautions in response to price increases. In response, when it comes to CX, the expenditures required for top-notch CX delivery will take priority over the experience itself. In 2024, we may expect to see some changes, particularly in terms of locations, as firms manage their objectives.


Businesses now have to keep watch over HOW people shop.

Expect firms to consolidate their vendors. Simplifying procedures and cutting down on suppliers is an objective that many firms share with integrating consumer data and experiences.  You may also expect increased returns with more data from fewer sources, thanks to data technology. Plus, you won’t need to hire separate suppliers for social media, chat, technical support, sales, and more. To take advantage of all these trends, brands will be searching for a reliable partner who can multitask well. However, this also necessitates a reevaluation of the customer journey inside procurement strategies for many firms.  It’s time to get down to brass tacks and figure out what matters to them when they purchase.


Amp Up Expertise in the Field

Remember that for every company trying to save costs by reducing vendor relationships, there will be another one trying to hire experts and consultants in specific fields!

Industry expertise will take precedence over solutions and skills when making choices for these businesses. Client experience (CX) providers who understand their industry will be in high demand as companies streamline client journeys.

Don’t fool yourself into believing specialization is going to be easier than consolidation. Taking stock of your company, identifying the key industries serviced, and demonstrating a deep understanding of relevant problems, concerns, trends, and KPIs will be requirements from companies from CX providers.  Businesses will want CX providers or CX partners who are fluent in the language and have extensive knowledge of the industry.

Managing the customer experience has never been more challenging for businesses than it is now. With end-user expectations, technology, and the need for business continuity undergoing continuous and fast change, the ability to attract new customers and hold on to current ones will become even more perplexing in the future.

This is why a growing number of companies are looking to strengthen their customer experience (CX) operations by partnering with a client-facing organization that has the necessary expertise.


When it comes to an exceptional CX, partner with THE expert


Experts in corporate customer management should be aware that choosing a third party to assist with front-line operations requires careful consideration. Not all service providers are the same. This is why businesses should choose an outsourcing partner depending on how well they perform across several platforms. The goal of every business should be to drive improved end-user results, and one way to do this is by being judicious when choosing a CX partner.

Customer experience management is a mature and diverse BPO business, making the selection of a suitable partner a challenging task. Choosing the first business process outsourcing (BPO) company that pops up in an enterprise CX manager’s search results would be a mistake. Instead, the business should exercise caution when choosing an outsourcing partner to represent its brand.

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