Facing COVID-19 Head-On in cxperts Contact Centers

woman in gray hoodie wearing white face mask

cxperts is a growing, global contact center services company.  We are proud of our track record of expansion in the Americas and Asia over the last 15 years. But, this is secondary in the face of the challenge that COVID-19 is placing on the customer experience industry.  

At cxperts, our instinct is to stay focused and fight in the face of this pandemic, in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. We are working tirelessly on behalf of our global team’s health.  Let’s face the facts – doing nothing only serves to help propagate COVID-19 inside call centers and in the broader population. This is why cxperts has instituted measures designed to hold COVID at bay. 

As alluded to above, I believe firmly that the agents and supervisors that manage interactions around the world are cxperts priority. This is why we are making their health security our priority.  We have instituted access plans in all our contact centers that include temperature screening by health professionals at the entrance to our facilities. Those agents that are seen to be too warm are referred immediately to doctors for COVID testing.  We also have doctors and nurses on-site within our contact centers to provide immediate medical advice and consultation for agents needing these services throughout the ongoing crisis.

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On the floor of cxperts contact centers that remain operating,  we have taken steps to proactively stop COVID in its tracks. Notwithstanding the fact that cxperts is a collaborative, open customer experience environment, we are embracing social distancing and are placing our agents one full workstation apart from each other to minimize contact.  

Further, we have taken the step to ensure that hand sanitizer is available at each doorway within our contact centers. And we have instituted a policy that no agent or supervisor will touch entrance handles; this is being done by security guards wearing surgical gloves, in order to minimize common touchpoints.  Floor staff is also being provided with surgical masks and gloves, should they request them. Cleaning has been upgraded with surfaces being sanitized every 30 minutes. Workstations are disinfected at the end of each shift. No agent will start working with a dirty cubicle or keyboard.

cxperts is also taking education seriously during this pandemic.  We have deployed information about how to stop the spread of COVID, not only on posters across our facilities but also on the welcome screens of our employees.  In our view, an informed workforce is one that understands how to stop this virus in cxperts operations and in the general population.  

cxperts is also virtualizing as much of its operations as possible.  Agents are being sent home to deliver service to customers from their residences for the foreseeable future.  And, while this task is monumental, we are doing all we can to ensure a smooth transition to work from home. We are also conducting our recruitment virtually, to reduce the flow of applicants through our contact centers.

As a final note, I am heartened to hear about what many other contact center operators are doing to modify their operations as a way to prevent the spread of COVID.  I want to assure our clients, our team of agents, and my fellow BPO providers that cxperts is in this battle in solidarity with you all. I am open to collaborating with anyone seeking advice on how to secure their contact centers against COVID. Please reach out anytime.

Victor Pereda, CEO of cxperts

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