Transforming Contact Center Outcomes Through Employee Engagement

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How you engage your workforce today is more important than ever.

In an environment where your team is either distanced from one another within your contact center or isolated while working from home, your ability to connect with your employees today is critical. A disengaged employee is a sure sign that you are on your way to getting a detractor for your business.

Listen to the webinar from July 8, 2021, “Transforming Contact Center Outcomes Through Employee Engagement”, where Cheryl Myrskog from LiveXchange and John Maczynski from cxperts share real-life examples and insights on how to drive employee performance.

Key takeaways include:

  • The strategy behind cxperts and LiveXchange‘s ability to improve results for the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain.

  • How to turn pandemic challenges into engagement opportunities.

  • The importance of technology and flexible staffing models in improving AOV and service levels.

  • The steps to take to differentiate your company in the eyes of your employees.

Play to listen to the full webinar here