Unfiltered Stories: Melissa O’Brien of HFS in conversation with Rolando Salinas & John Maczynski on Employee Engagement

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The top two outcomes driving services adoption in 2020 are improving customer experience and improving employee experience (tied for first place!) It’s clear that enterprises now realize that EX and CX note only need to be improved— but are inextricably linked with one another. Join us for a lively discussion with Rolando Salinas, Arbonne, and John Maczynski of cxperts as we dive into the ever-changing dynamics for aligning employee and customer experience in an increasingly virtual (and complicated) working environment.

Moderated by HFS’ Melissa O’Brien, Rolando and John talk through how cxperts and Arbonne teamed up to with a parallel EX- CX strategy to help Arbonne remain resilient and successful during a period of unmatched pressure.

Listen to Melissa’s discussion with Rolando and John here:

In this unfiltered podcast, we explore the following:

  • Setting the stage: How health and wellness companies like Arbonne have partnered for CX solutions
  • Let’s talk unfiltered:
    • How have you seen employee experience evolve and gained importance in the past year and a half?
    • How can companies develop a framework to ensure employee engagement and continuous evolution of the EX strategy?
    • How can you maintain a strong culture in a virtual world and inspire people?
    • How can you effectively measure EX?
  • Crystal ball: Employee experience will determine the future of WFH/ hybrid — how will this play out in the future?

Arbonne is a beauty, health and wellness company offering vegan and sustainable skincare and makeup. The company faced an extraordinary challenge in 2020 when its entire workforce shifted to at-home (had never been virtual previously) at the same time as a tremendous spike in sales stretched its resources. Ramping up high volumes of staff became mission critical, all while maintaining the training standards and great employee experience Arbonne’s brand requires.

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