Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind Chasing “Happy” in the Workplace

cxperts joins the world in celebrating the International Day of Happiness!

(Yes, the day exists and has been a global celebration since 2013!)

Today, March 20, 2023, marks a decade of remembering the importance of happiness.  This day was first introduced by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of happiness and the need to create a happier and kinder world by adopting simple, daily practices. 


How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

So says, writer Annie Dillard.  For many, a large portion of our week is spent at work.  In fact, the average person will spend around 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.   This means that your job can impact your quality of life.  Despite research showing the correlation between happiness and productivity, happiness at work has always been viewed as a result of work NOT as a way to achieve business success.

This begs the question.  Does productivity make people at work happy?  Or does making people happy lead to productivity? 

For the last twenty years, keeping the happiness meter in check has become a priority because work has gotten more stressful thanks to economic uncertainty as well as competition.  Companies would rather have their people happy for productivity, as well as for retention rates.  And why not?  The numbers show that companies with higher-than-average employee happiness present better financial performance … and most important of all, better customer satisfaction.

No doubt about it.  Keeping the employees happy is key to those metrics that matter.


But how do you chase happiness? 

The knee-jerk idea of a happy workplace is the “tangibles” – workspaces that allow for play, team-building activities and days off, perks… Without a doubt, these factors influence the well-being of any worker. Compensation is a given because it provides sustenance and security.  

But if we were to be real about it, research reveals that genuine happiness is achieved through freedom and autonomy. 

It’s giving your team the freedom to do their tasks as they see fit because management trusts them.  It’s recognizing your employees’ performance and initiating a culture that values the work they do and having them work on each other’s strengths so that the work moves forward.


The happiness meter at cxperts is phenomenal. 

Find an organization that values its employees, and you’ll find a team that takes care of its customers. Here’s a peek at what our team members feel about working at cxperts!


Vanj Macedonio – Contact Operations Agent, Service

What do you enjoy most about working in cxperts?

I enjoy interacting with customers in terms of resolving and dealing with concerns. I love how we collaborate with each other (workmates), especially with team leaders, QA’s, and higher ops

What’s the culture like?

I would say, we treat everyone as a family, especially team leaders. They make sure that the agents are being taken care of and if they need assistance with calls or when (they are) having a hard time dealing with customers, they are happy to help us.


Dee Jay Bustillo – Contact Operations Agent, Solutions

 What do you enjoy most about working in cxperts?

I enjoy working with people, especially in operations. They are very approachable. (Everyone) from management to the lower staff and guards are very easy to work with.

How’s the culture in cxperts?

I enjoy seeing the people and staff with a smile on their faces. The good vibes I get makes a huge difference when I take calls. I can reco(mmend) cxperts to my friends who are looking for a long-term job. I can say that cxperts is not just a job and company but more of a family.

This is what we strive to achieve at cxperts.  We take care of our clients by taking care of our team members first.  When you partner with cxperts, you partner with an organization that values trust, interdependence, passion, and productivity. You partner with individuals who love going to work and are happy and grateful to go the extra mile.

Check out how cxperts’ work culture can enhance your organization’s CX (customer experience).

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