Embracing Equity for A Better World

“Wise women can predict the future because they create it!”

Women, indeed shape the future!  According to research conducted by the Secretary General of the United Nations, women constitute 50% of human resources.  This means, that more and more women are taking on roles traditionally held by men and that as the years go by, women are becoming the key to sustainable development and quality of life in the family.

For many, this isn’t such a big surprise.  Women have always worn multiple hats.  They are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and professionals.  On the homefront, they can also play the role of fathers, counselors, and even coaches.  But despite the growing recognition that “the weaker sex” rightfully deserves, how can we celebrate those differences?   

This is what International Women’s Day 2023 seeks to recognize.  The hashtag for this year is #EmbraceEquity.

When we embrace equity, we strive for a world free from bias, discrimination, and stereotypes.  It’s a world that’s diverse and inclusive, and an environment where everyone is given the same resources and opportunities.  Equity recognizes that each person will inevitably have different circumstances, and as such, the resources and opportunities given to them must ensure that they reach an equal outcome.

At cxperts, we recognize the role that women play. “50% of the leadership team in our organization are women.  They have the perseverance, the passion, the empathy.” Says Violet Pereda, cxperts Chief Executive Officer. “(I am inspired by) women that I am fortunate enough to know as part of my professional and personal life.  Every woman plays a monumental role in society…

And we couldn’t agree more. Now as cxperts CEO, she brings this wealth of experience, expertise, and talent to clients who wish to scale their businesses.

Her mindset?  Never give up! When asked what advice she would give to other women, her confident reply was to keep working hard.  “Use your innate intelligence. Know your worth and what you’re capable of.  Be observant. Never give up.. keep working hard. Use your innate intelligence to stay on top.  See how you can improve things and make it better.”  This is serious, real, and no-nonsense advice from someone who has taken a company global in less than a decade.

cxperts advocates for women. Like the goals of International Women’s Day 2023, our goals include:

  • Celebrating women who forge change
  • Elevating the visibility of women creatives
  • Building workplaces where women thrive
  • Improving equality for women in technology and
  • Forging women’s empowerment worldwide

cxperts salutes all women who make great futures happen!

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