cxperts Visits Concordia Children’s Services

image of cxperts team visiting Concordia Children's Services

At cxperts, the words PASSION and EMPATHY ring true not just for customer experiences. They apply to bringing about a wave of change among people with limited resources, as well.
This is why cxperts’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program was formed. With several programs across the globe, cxperts works diligently to help communities in dire need of humanitarian efforts.

Last April 14, 2023, cxperts visited Concordia Children’s Services, Inc where meals, goodies, toiletries, and care packages were distributed. The cxperts CSR team also held games for the kids.

In its third year of supporting Concordia, cxperts aims to continue this tradition in the years to come. Part of cxperts’ CSR is to keep tabs on their adopted communities’ progress.

Corporate Social Responsibility and cxperts

With all factors being equal, a job applicant (or even a client) will go for an organization that has a solid CSR strategy.

It isn’t all imagery.

When a company has a robust corporate social responsibility program, you can be assured that the company is compassionate and treats all people (which includes their employees and all their stakeholders) with kindness and concern.

An organization’s CSR efforts also help nurture a more productive and positive work environment. Where the spirit of volunteering is alive, positive efforts and initiative to go the “extra mile” cannot be far behind.

With today’s competition, businesses must set themselves apart from the provider next door. In addition to exceptional service, many companies are finding that social responsibility, or a business’ obligation to pursue achievable and good long-term goals for its people and its community, is the way to go.

For one, CSR can improve customers’ perception of your brand. It wins clients and in itself, develops a platform to attract skilled talent and audience attention. But more than that, putting social responsibility high on the priority list helps people see your company as a positive force. Positive branding fosters trust with a target audience. In turn, it earns loyalty.

Now perhaps organizations may be thinking about how CSR has anything to do with operations. “How does helping my community bring about all the positivity when I am not a global brand?”

When businesses and individuals partner with an organization that has a solid CSR program, it shows accountability. Of course, business is business, and organizations for profit are in it to earn greater returns than invested funds. But the crucial point here is that a CSR program demonstrates how an organization views empathy. It shows proper management of resources and funds. It is an indicator that their corporate culture is less likely to produce fraud and more likely to promote firm accountability to their stakeholders.

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