Can CX Issues Be Random?

Challenging clients. We’ve dealt with them.  We know them.  We’ve probably been them at one point in our lives.

The stories-turned-case-study-turned-training-scenario can be infuriating and amusing at the same time, and yet it’s reality.  We see them everywhere, and for those like us who are in the contact center industry, we know that they can get out of hand easily.

Are you trying to solve a seemingly insolvable Customer Experience (CX) issue? Do these events seem so random or even unprovoked?

It isn’t random

If we look at a busy metropolis sidewalk, we can see people walking in every direction.  From time to time, people will run into each other, pause, and then go on their way. Watch it long enough, and it would look like total chaos and completely random.

But despite how it looks, if we zero in on one person walking, say East, we can say with reasonable certainty how he would behave when faced with an obstacle. In short, this one individual has a predictable tendency.  In combination with other individuals, this large group has small predictable outcomes.

How does this apply to us? To our own CX?

Everyone strives to do things right. The goal is to build a “Best In” type of customer experience.  However, the reality is, it is nearly impossible to build a singular template to fit all scenarios.

The key then is to find patterns and designs in the seeming randomness. Take coffee.  There are so many iterations to the simple cup. Some like it black.  Some prefer theirs with all the bells and whistles.  Your job is to figure out how to deliver coffee the way your customer likes it.

Of course, this is putting it simply.  Patterns and behaviors can be as random as an unprovoked “Karen”.  But here is what the experts recommend when faced with a seemingly chaotic customer behavior pattern.

  1. Look at averages and distributions BUT don’t make these metrics your go-to. Instead, pay attention to individual interactions and find out what works for this particular customer.  You will find that all of them will react for the same reason but their reactions will be different.  Many people will be on that metropolis sidewalk moving in many directions BUT they are there for the same reasons
  2. If you offer omnichannels for your customers to get in touch with you, make sure that you offer them incentives to use them versus expecting them to find which ones are available. Often, the pattern of behavior they have stems from not having a better or more efficient option.  Think of it this way, just imagine how many of those pedestrians would change direction if someone was handing out ham sandwiches for free on the right side of the street.
  3. Last but not least, keep in mind that chaos will still find its way into any situation. Be agile. Have a strategy read to address the new breed of chaos.  Say, that someone runs out of ham sandwiches… what now?


The next time you feel your Customer Experience issues are too complex or too unpredictable, keep these three basic tips in mind to keep issues from escalating.

Get your CX on the right track.

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