Another Year, Another Success: Celebrating Our Journey

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A Year of CXcellence has brought the cxperts team to an unforgettable night of fellowship, camaraderie, thanksgiving, and recognition.

Last October 22, cxperts’ best and brightest gathered in style at the One Cafe and Place Events to honor the CTL Superstars with well-deserved awards! The room was a stunning display of elegance, with everyone dressed to impress, but the real stars of the evening are the incredible individuals who have shown unparalleled dedication and passion in the world of Customer Experience. Cheers to more success!

To cap our festivities, Eddie Vaca, COO of cxperts, celebrates the company’s anniversary by acknowledging the team’s dedication and exceptional service in customer calls for the Service and Solutions segments. He emphasizes the team’s embodiment of cxperts’ core values and their commitment to excellence in every interaction. Vaca expresses confidence in the team’s potential for future achievements and credits them as the driving force behind the company’s success. He concludes with a toast to continued growth, passion, and excellence. 

A huge congratulations and round of applause go out to the recipients of the Sparkle Awards and to everyone who made this evening a huge success!

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At cxperts, there are no great secrets when it comes to giving your client a unique Customer Experience (CX).

But this is how we roll…

First and foremost, being consistent is the key to excellent customer service.

Consider a business where you have always received exceptional service. An upscale retail store like Nordstrom, perhaps? Alternatively, a Ritz-Carlton or similarly opulent hotel. What about your favorite neighborhood bookstore, cafe, or eatery? Wouldn’t you agree that the greatness of these events can be summed up in one word: reliability?

Every consumer has a minimum standard that must be met on every engagement with your business. Customers gain confidence in your capacity to consistently meet their needs and feel safe in the knowledge that you will always be there for them. Customers are more loyal and likely to give you referrals if you often satisfy or surpass their expectations.

The first step in providing FANTASTIC customer service is consistent positive interactions.

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Second: Character counts far more than your intellect.

When a customer care agent answers the phone, you can pretty much tell right away whether you’re in good hands or not. Their demeanor and attitude foreshadow the kind of service you may expect. Which customer support agent do you think would be the best to talk to: a knowledgeable but unfriendly customer care agent, or a customer service representative who is both courteous, helpful, and can get you the information you want?

Or take this scenario… would you rather a customer care representative who asks politely, “Would you mind holding a moment while I find the right person for you to speak with?” or a rep whose tone is cold and uninterested? Serving customers is all about attitude more than expertise.

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Third: it’s OK to not always know everything and to make mistakes.

Far too many people working in customer service worry about making mistakes because they feel pressured to know everything. And when they do err, they often try to justify or downplay their error.

The truth is that we are human and are prone to making errors and providing wrong responses from time to time. What to do if you screw up?

Be honest. Explain why you’re sorry and apologize deeply for it. Provide another opportunity to assist them or redo the most recent unsuccessful attempt.

Fourth:  There will always be challenging clients.

But you have to keep them from becoming a chronic one.

The feedback of your most dissatisfied clients should be your top priority. Dealing with unhappy clients is a significant aspect of a customer care representative’s role. From a business’s perspective, the key to dealing with these consumers is ensuring that a troubled client does not escalate into a problem customer.

Fifth:  Provide clients with progress reports on the fix.

The secret to keeping issues from boiling over? To sum it up, take initiative. Understand the customer’s perspective and make sure the consumer knows what to do next. Maintain consistent communication and provide updates on the solution’s development

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Last but certainly not least, put more effort into establishing a connection than concluding a deal. At cxperts, engaging a customer goes beyond being polite. Our calls should always leave the customer feeling delighted or at least, relieved that they called.

Great customer service is the result of a collection of abilities that can be taught and evaluated. It all begins with teaching these foundational abilities and guiding their constant use. The good news is that if these abilities are ingrained as habits, they will automatically take over, leading to the reliable service that our clients have grown to expect from us.

At cxperts, we do Customer Experiences right!

Let our solutions work for your business.

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cxperts is a global provider of multichannel demand generation and customer engagement services.  We have presence onshore, nearshore, and offshore in the USA, the Philippines, Colombia, Guatemala, and soon, Mexico and South Africa.

We partner with companies to help provide exceptional customer care that builds brand loyalty through our brick-and-mortar centers and work-from-home models leveraging top resources from the areas where we operate.

cxperts is an omnichannel customer experience (CX) provider that delivers exceptional CX for brands of all sizes.  Our contact center solutions cover all facets of customer experience and business process outsourcing, from customer care, white glove services, and technical support to sales, collections, and back office.

Within our modern contact centers in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Colombia, we provide sustainable, life-changing careers to hundreds of cxperts around the world.  On top of that, our work-at-home solutions give brands the flexibility to benefit from a limitless pool of exceptional talent.