Customer Service Week, Going Beyond the Customer

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Customer Service Week is recognized and celebrated by thousands of businesses not only in the United States but also all across the globe. They are the most prominent organizations in the fields of finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, communications, education, not-for-profit work, and other fields, in addition to government agencies and other entities.

Since 1991, the Customer Service Group has sponsored Customer Service Week and the website.  A high point in the week’s long history came in 1992 when the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first full week in October.


At cxperts, we live and breathe exceptional customer service.

As we celebrate International Customer Service Week 2023, with the theme Team Service, we honor our teams who commit themselves to serving all our stakeholders (clients, employees, and partners) with results-driven passion, care, and resourcefulness.

In the cut-throat world of customer engagement, hitting KPIs and crushing objectives run deep. Our clients trust cxperts to upscale their businesses and be steps ahead of the competition. This is why we celebrate our teams across Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, the USA, and the Philippines for consistently going above and beyond customer expectations.


Customer Service Week, a huge celebration in the Philippines

If you’ve phoned/emailed/chatted with customer service to lodge a complaint about a product or seek assistance with technical issues, there is a good probability that you have spoken with a Filipino. A large number of corporations based in the United States have chosen to relocate their customer service departments to the Philippines due to the lower overall expenses of doing business there. But perhaps more importantly, they discovered that Filipinos provide superior customer service.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector employs around 1.2 million people in the Philippines.

According to research conducted by the United Nations in 2019, the literacy rate in the Philippines is the highest among countries in Southeast Asia. Among those aged 15 to 24, the country has a literacy rate of 97.95%, with girls having a rate of 98.9% and men having a rate of 97%. BPO businesses have the ability to draw from this pool of personnel who are able to comprehend the regulations governing customer care and provide effective assistance to consumers.

In addition, ideologies influenced by the West are widely held in the Philippines. Because Filipinos have shown such a strong interest in Western culture, many businesses consider them to be an excellent cultural match for their organization.

When it comes to warmth, nobody can top the Filipino BPO agent. This is the main reason why so many people decide to start new lives in the Philippines. They adore the warm and kind nature of the Filipino people. The same sense of hospitality may be seen in the way that Filipinos who work in business process outsourcing organizations react to inquiries and complaints from customers. Diplomacy and respect for elders are cultural values. There is a well-established social hierarchy in Filipino culture, and Filipinos are expected to show deference to their elders and those in positions of authority over them.


Customer Service Week 2023 in the Philippines

For those in Customer Service, October 2nd to the 6th were huge days as the annual international celebration of Customer Service took place around the world.   

On the surface, it looks like Customer Service Week is all about customers.  But the real point of this is to honor and celebrate the people who make great customer service happen.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to celebrations. They may decide to give rewards, and gifts, and hold team and skill-building activities. offers logo inspirations and downloadable ideas and materials.


Why is Customer Service Important?

Having a fantastic product or service alone is not enough. You need to do a good job at marketing, boosting sales, and keeping existing consumers happy. Customers do not want the run-around.  And the smart consumer would rather pay a premium for good after-sales services.  According to estimations provided by Zendesk, a customer service software startup, 66% of customers who often deal with support have said that a negative encounter with a business has the potential to spoil their day, and 73% of these customers will move to a competitor after having many negative interactions.

Customer service extends beyond “helping”. Creating a pleasant client experience requires forming connections, understanding their requirements, and offering personalized solutions. With a good customer service protocol, businesses can:

Retain customers: Satisfied consumers are more likely to return and make repeat purchases, resulting in higher income. Additionally, retaining clients is cheaper and simpler than acquiring new ones.

Usher in new clients: Satisfied customers are likely to promote your product or service to friends and family. To maintain superior service, these groups are even happy to pay extra.

Build brand loyalty: To build brand loyalty, your customer service personnel should embody your values and help people overcome their challenges. Great customer service may transform first-time shoppers into brand loyalists.

Increase CLTV: To boost customer lifetime value (CLTV), businesses should provide individualized and proactive assistance to optimize customer value.

Differentiate your business from your competitors: In the digital era, differentiating yourself by providing unique customer experiences provides you an edge.


The Elements of Good Customer Service

What makes Customer Service “good”? At cxperts, we adhere to the following qualities:


Our clients value time. Waiting hours or days for a basic problem that may be fixed in 10 minutes is no-no. Quick resolution of client complaints improves their experience.


Empathy requires thinking like your consumers. We comprehend their struggle, listen to their worries, and express sympathy when needed. Smart customers can recognize poor service and leave the product or service.

Product Knowledge

Our service reps know our clients’ products well and anticipate answering as many inquiries about it. Consumers must also know that they can reach a guide for product inquiries.


At cxperts we have fun! But we can also be professional at the same time. This means respecting and treating consumers with dignity. Keeping cool, patient, collected, and productive, particularly with angry clients, are skillsets that are ingrained in every agent.


People prefer being treated like persons rather than line numbers. We customize each customer’s experience via data analysis, consumer segmentation, and targeted marketing.


At cxperts, we honor our thousands who make great Customer Service happen

cxperts’ Mission and Vision are to recruit a legion of happy cxperts who deliver exceptional customer experience while providing clear opportunities for growth and prosperity for all.

With grateful hearts, we give everyone a huge round of applause for the excellence, dedication, and warmth they bring to our global clients.  We celebrate all our global teams!

To our clients, stakeholders, and partners, we say thank you for your trust!  We look forward to serving you with the same unparalleled passion in the years to come!

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cxperts is a global provider of multichannel demand generation and customer engagement services.  We have presence onshore, nearshore, and offshore in the USA, the Philippines, Colombia, Guatemala, and soon, Mexico and South Africa.

We partner with companies to help provide exceptional customer care that builds brand loyalty through our brick-and-mortar centers and work-from-home models leveraging top resources from the areas where we operate.

cxperts is an omnichannel customer experience (CX) provider that delivers exceptional CX for brands of all sizes.  Our contact center solutions cover all facets of customer experience and business process outsourcing, from customer care, white glove services, and technical support to sales, collections, and back office.

Within our modern contact centers in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Colombia, we provide sustainable, life-changing careers to hundreds of cxperts around the world.  On top of that, our work-at-home solutions give brands the flexibility to benefit from a limitless pool of exceptional talent.