What Is Customer Service, and How Does It Affect Your Business?

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The success of every company depends on the quality of its customer service.

Improved customer service can do wonders for a company’s bottom line, online visibility, brand loyalty, customer retention rates, and among many other reasons.

It’s simple: no one wants to back a business with poor customer service.

There will always be the temptation to cut corners wherever possible, and customer service for your product or service is no exception.

For example, if a consumer has a negative customer experience while talking to your customer care staff, you can be sure that they’d tell everyone they know about it – drastically hurt your brand’s image which can then lead to a dip in sales.

Customer Care is the connection you have with your clients on an emotional level.

Every encounter a customer has with your company is an opportunity to show them that you care.

While many people think of customer service when they hear the word “customer care,” the two are not synonymous.

A customer representative may give excellent customer service by properly answering a consumer’s inquiry or resolving their issue, but providing customer care extends beyond customer satisfaction and repair.

Customer service entails developing a deeper, emotional connection that makes a lasting impact.

Another way to say it is that customer service is often a one-and-done transaction in which a consumer feels their need has been addressed and moves with their day without further consideration.

That is absolutely okay, but picture that same individual walking away thinking, well, that was more than consumers expected. That customer service representative was really concerned. They went above and above to provide a solution, an out-of-the-box one that worked for me and wasn’t simply customer service lingo.

And if every customer gets the same response every time they contact, the support staff represents the company’s concern for them. Further, if all customer service representatives give this degree of care and concern, the company has attained the sort of customer success that comes from being renowned for providing exceptional customer care services.

 Customer care vs customer service

The terms “customer care” and “customer service” are not interchangeable. Both are crucial to the success of a company, but it’s necessary to understand where each one fits in. With customer service, you offer support to your consumers who need aid.

Customer service occurs, for instance, when a cashier helps a customer with a return.

Customer care for clients, on the other hand, is the creation of an intangible bond between a company and its clientele. Care for customers is going the extra mile to meet their needs in a way that matters to them. This could mean offering an alternative for pants that ripped beyond the allowed time.

Customer Care vs Customer Support

The terms “customer care” and “customer support” are not interchangeable either. Providing guidance on how to utilize a product is part of customer support. Technical support is all part of the package.

If a person’s phone suddenly stops functioning and they contact the company’s customer support line for assistance, that’s customer support in action.

As most customers expect, providing excellent customer care, on the other hand,  entails getting to know your clientele on a deeper level. When a consumer has technical difficulties with their phone, the company’s customer service representatives should go above and beyond to assist them and cross the line from support to care.

Why should businesses put their customer care services in the spotlight?

In the past, when people needed anything as simple as milk or bread, they would go to a local mom-and-pop grocery shop.  In order to go to their preferred supermarket, customers sometimes avoided nearby alternatives. It wasn’t always because that particular store sold higher-quality ingredients; often, it was just because they had a good working connection

In this light,  how the world views your business is crucial.

Today’s consumers are less likely to stop strangers on the street to gush about the service they got at their neighborhood fishmonger or greengrocer, but they do speak about it amongst themselves. They’re using Twitter. They participate in online communities on Facebook where they rave about the excellent service they got from Company A.

But many also complain about the lack of caring or the robotic treatment they had at business B where they felt they were simply one more client to be serviced, but not listened to; not heard.

The fact of the matter is the audience and the company’s reputation both expand as more and more groups meet online, either to vent or advocate. One strategy to get more five-star reviews and new customers is to emphasize customer service, customer support, and customer care.

How to  show you care

Customer service, at its most fundamental level, is the creation of a positive experience for every client. It requires careful tending since it isn’t something that often comes easily to people. Caring is not an innate and universal attribute; some individuals have it more than others.

Outstanding customer service is a habit that can only be formed via training. It also asks for a customer care philosophy that applies to omnichannel customer service contacts with the public because every communication whether face-to-face or in an email, phone call, text, or dm provides the consumer with a lasting image of the company’s brand and its values.

A company like cxperts, which is good at fostering connections with their customers, reminds all of their workers that their attention to detail is expected across the board.   For instance, there is no way to ensure that nothing will go wrong, no matter how vigilant you are or how “waterproof” your protocols are. A consumer who is already angry may take it out on the customer support representative. It is at this point a customer service representative becomes a customer care representative.

This is why cxperts places a premium on employee involvement and development.


For any BPO to thrive, a comprehensive training program must serve as its foundation.  When looking for a BPO partner, a shared work ethic and mentality are crucial.

Culture-led development is easier to achieve with the help of the right outsourcing partner, who can help you find brilliant people from all over the world who are eager to work with you to find novel solutions to age-old problems. This is not a contradiction, and the logic behind why it works so well is obvious.

At cxperts, we have teams spread all over the globe.  We have access to a wide variety of individuals and experiences that may be useful to the development of your business, and we employ with diversity in mind.

By contracting with cxperts, you can put their expertise to work for you.

cxperts is an industry-leading CX firm that serves organizations of all sizes across all channels.

Through our cutting-edge call centers in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Colombia, we’ve been able to provide hundreds of cxperts with stable, life-altering jobs. In addition, with our remote work options, businesses have access to a virtually limitless supply of exceptional talent.

Our global services BPO include a wide range of expertise

Our scope of services includes:


We speak: Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Korean,  German,  Arabic, Russian, and  Hindi

Our professionals speak many languages. cxperts offers the nimbleness and know-how to aid your company in attracting and retaining a devoted client base. We’re versatile enough to respond to changes rapidly while. We also possess the expertise to consistently provide superior service to our clients.

Our next-generation, cloud-based omnichannel and multichannel capabilities allow us to reach your customers where they are, on the channels they choose.

Our customer care solutions include:

  • Welcome Calls
  • Account Management
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Fee reversals
  • Disputes
  • Complaints
  • White Glove Services


Our global services include a wide range of expertise

  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Sales
  • Back Office
  • Collections

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cxperts is a global provider of multichannel demand generation and customer engagement services.  We have presence onshore, nearshore, and offshore in the USA, the Philippines, Colombia, Guatemala, and soon, Mexico and South Africa.

We partner with companies to help provide exceptional customer care that builds brand loyalty through our brick-and-mortar centers and work-from-home models leveraging top resources from the areas where we operate.

cxperts is an omnichannel customer experience (CX) provider that delivers exceptional CX for brands of all sizes.  Our contact center solutions cover all facets of customer experience and business process outsourcing, from customer care, white glove services, and technical support to sales, collections, and back office.

Within our modern contact centers in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Colombia, we provide sustainable, life-changing careers to hundreds of cxperts around the world.  On top of that, our work-at-home solutions give brands the flexibility to benefit from a limitless pool of exceptional talent.